Fully Online Estate Planning

We get it: nobody wants to think about “it.” But “it” comes to us all. So why not discuss end-of-life plans in the place where you are most comfortable – wherever that is.

That’s one of the differences between us and a “traditional” law firm: we’re fully online, charge flat fees, and we make estate planning about as easy as ordering a pizza. So, whether you want to draft a will while wading in the ocean, make bequests from your bed, or direct your end-of-life care from a comfy recliner, we make the process as simple as filling out a guided form.

Plus, you’ll have the option of reviewing your plan with an attorney licensed to practice in your state, giving you the peace of mind other websites can’t match.

Simple Steps to a Plan

Pick a Plan

Do you need a simple will only, or a multi-generational, tax-avoidant trust? More importantly, who do you need to protect? We offer: DIY document generation only, attorney-assisted planning, or a custom plans for those with complex needs and estates.

Fill Out a Form

We make the actual drafting as simple as filling out an online form.

Download Your Documents

Your plan is available, in most cases, instantly. Download and follow our instructions on how to properly sign, notarize, and witness the paperwork.

Review Online With an Attorney (Optional)

Feel secure in knowing that your plan is legally sound by reviewing it with an attorney before and after drafting. You even schedule your own time for whenever is convenient for you.

What’s Your Plan

Last Will

This is the plan. Scary, isn’t it? But failing to plan is risking your family’s future. Your will outlines where your assets, personal belongings, and even children will end up.

Financial Powers of Attorney

Appoint someone you trust to manage your financial affairs. It can be immediate or take effect when you are incapacitated (springing). It can terminate when you are incapacitated (non-durable) or last until your death (durable).

Advance Medical Directives

In times of medical crises, when you cannot make decisions for yourself, who will? And how will they know your wishes? A directive sets your decision-maker, limits on medical assistance, and if you wish, a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order as well.

More services

À La Carte Services

Special Needs Trust

For most of your family, they are perfectly able to care for themselves after you are gone. But what about those who really do need your help? A special needs trust provides for funding and care for individuals with special needs – including those born with congenital issues and those who become disabled in their later years.

Gun Trust

From my “cold dead hands?” Sure thing, but what happens then? A gun trust provides a succession plan for your firearms, accounting for common issues like an heir becoming legally unable to own a firearm, or future gun control making part or all of your collection illegal.

Pet Trust

What happens to your best friend (the furry one) after you’re gone? Or if you become incapacitated? Will your pets’ next companion provide them with their favorite foods, romps in the park, and quarterly veterinarian visits? Plan for your pets like they are your family – because they are.


Tailored Plans

Fully Attorney-Drafted
Living Trust
Last Will & Testament
Advance Healthcare Directive
Financial Power of Attorney
Chat & Email Support
Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts
Pets, Firearms, Special Needs Trusts


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Living Trust
Last Will & Testament
Advance Healthcare Directive
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Stop waiting and start planning.

An estate plan is a small cost to pay for peace of mind.

Reviews & Testimonials

I am happy to endorse William — he is smart, tenacious, trustworthy, and very personable. You can count on William to listen to your concerns, give you honest advice, and to stand up for you when it matters most.

Attorney: A.C.

William is a a pleasure to work with. He is highly intelligent and well educated on the subject matter. More importantly he is passionate about his practice.

Attorney: S.F.

I’ve worked with Willie on family law matters and I’m completely confident in his legal skills and expertise. Willie demonstrates ethics and efficiency in every aspect of the practice of law. He’s not only a great attorney, but a great person.

Attorney: L.M.

The thing about Willie is he’s brilliant. You’re in excellent hands when he’s your lawyer.

Attorney: D.A.

Mr. Peacock is incredibly hardworking and is an absolute asset to our legal community. He is professional and aggressively advocates for his clients. I endorse this lawyer.

Attorney: K.H.

In the past several years, I have had to ask several times for advice from Mr. Peacock on many different legal matters of mine. On all of those occasions, He has consistently given me prompt, clear, concise and well thought out legal advice which has served me well. The Bottom Line is that I frankly think that the money spent on his retainer was money extremely well spent.

Client: D

Me and a business partner working at a car dealership had questions regarding business practices inside our company. WIlliam was able to clarify to us the legal processes and possible repercussion of past practices. We work in the car industry which even today has some rather relaxed rules and regulations regarding good practices. It was good to have him review said practices to avoid legal trouble down the line. He was quick and responsive to our questions and seemed to genuinely care for his customers. I would strongly recommend him for his quick turn around time and great and professional follow up.

Client: H

After consulting Mr. Peacock on a complex matter, we agreed a law suit would not be necessary. I appreciated his willingness to research my case, his thoroughness, and his honesty.

Client: S. L.